Happy Trails Pet Owners Club Meeting
January 10, 2018 1PM
Lantana Room

IMPORTANT MEETING! If you can't attend in person, vote by email:
Due to some life challenges, our President and Vice President are no longer able to serve.
Consider volunteering for a Pet Club Office: President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer.
Ask yourself:
What's your vision for the future of the Pet Club? 
Would you change the format of the meetings? 
Have presentations? Share stories and tips? More parties?
Officers can lead where we want to go! 
Do you think we should go virtual?
VOTE (Y/N) reduce the number of meetings to one annual meeting in February 
 VOTE (Y/N) add a Blog to the Website 
so you can share your ideas from the comfort of home?
 That's really Easy, Peasy for Officers, right?
So consider throwing your name in the hat!

And lastly (here comes the guilt) we need Officers to remain a Club and keep Happy Tails open!

You'll enjoy the Pet Club's Website, check out all the great information and fun!

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