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Comments on obscuring slats on Pet Park Sally Port:
Dianne Blechman: whose dumb idea to put that plastic on the fence.  Dogs don't have to see people coming.  They smell and hear.   The fence  doesn't  stop the dogs from barking. I hope that when the dogs pee on the fence and stain it someone will come out and clean it up as we not no water in the park.  We should be working to get water out there.

Pet Park Awning: Members at the April 10th Meeting voted 12-3 to proceed with construction of an awning at Happy Tails Pet Park at an estimated cost of $7,900. Members at the November 13th Meeting rescinded the motion pending further input and study. A survey was proposed at the December 11th Meeting. Subsequent to informal surveys at the Pet Park and a mock-up to see where awning shade would actually fall, Members at the January 87, 2014 Meeting voted to abandon the Park Awning Project. If you would like to view others' comments or post your own thoughts regarding this project, click here. 

Comments on Pet Park Awning - for and against:

Laurie Riordon (against):
Here's my 2 cents concerning the awning. I think it is a waste of money. Totally. Too hot in the summer for the dogs to be outside too long, and we already have shade for those who need/want it other times of the year. Wish I could be at the meeting.....raining and chilly in WA state!

I was under the impression last spring that there would be no awning. If the Fun and Games club and the Happy Trails Board thinks the issue is dead, I guess I don’t understand why it isn’t. I am not for the awning as I think it’s a waste of money. Why not at least have the issue tabled  until January when most everyone will return.

Ron and Hazel Whitehurst (against):

Thank you for sending out the minutes.

With reference to the awning, I think that this is a totally unnecessary expense. As discussed at previous meeting if it is so hot that an awning is needed during the summer months, then it is too hot for the dogs to be at the park during those hours. Total waste of money.Happy to hear we might get cushions for the seats though for us with skinny posteriors. 

Sandy and Rick Matarazzo (against)

Biggest objection: the posts in the grass area are a safety hazard to running dogs. Also, I would like to see a test to confirm what area will actually be shaded; I think the sun from the south will shine in under the awning and shade the cement and wall area, not the grass.

Sherrie Jessen
Well, seems like a pile of money, but I haven't used the park much.  Have to admit that the times I used it, I didn't feel the need for an awning.  Of course that was cooler weather.  Is it to cover the whole park?  Might be nice to have a small awning over a picnic table or some such to offer a bit of shade, but . . .

Anne Louise Peterson (against):

I feel Water should be before anything else . Am for the safety of the dogs and posts,pillars or anything they can run into would be considered  a hazard !  We hope if all goes well......we will be there before New Years ! Miss all my dogs and Coco is getting fat ! Hope to see you soon !

John Coil (against):
I am totally against spending that kind of money for something that will do no good to the pets or their owners!!!  If one would go out to the park at any time of the day or year you would be able to see the awning would do no good in any way for shade!!!!


 Comments on Meeting Minutes Subjects:

elk.alaska writes on including $$ in the minutes:
Just a comment re: including/not including the amount held in the treasury within the monthly minutes.  Most clubs do include the amount held in various accounts in the Club name in their minutes.  This is to let all members, both present and away, be knowledgeable, to allow any member to raise a question if an amount seems unreasonable and allows a discussion if any of  the funds should be diverted to other types of accounts, i.e. a portion to a saving account, etc.  hanks for letting me comment. 

Marilyn Clyne comments on November 13, 2013 minutes:
The topic of continuing with the awning plans was put on hold for
further investigation & involvement of more members.  Roger is trying
to get more participation by a majority of the members for that kind of
money.  You can't make people attend meetings.  He is proposing a
survey sent to all members.  It was NEVER suggested to donate any money
to activities.  They were being asked to donate to us funds for the
awning along with the Fun & Games club (which is broke).  That meeting
was the first that I had ever heard about the Pickleball Club helping
with the permit fee.  1/2 approximately $600.

 Loren Hansen's comments on January 8, 2014 minutes:
With respect to the statement that the HT board giving an okay to put water in the park, to the best of my knowledge as a board member this issue has never been presented to the board.  Not sure where this information has come from.  The club did present to BGM committee a request for a drinking fountain in the pet park but due to the requirement for a sewer connection, the BGM committee would not recommend this to the board.  If you have any questions, please contact me. Loren Hansen

Sandy Matarazzo comments on January 8, 2014 minutes:

I was at the meeting and what I remember being said about water was that: (1) we were going back to BGM with a proposal for bringing non-potable water to the Park for rinsing down the cement; and (2) bids were going to be obtained to examine the feasibility of bringing potable water into the Park.  Regards, Sandy

Sandy Matarazzo comments on November 12, 2014 Meeting items:

Regarding policing tag updating, I suggest spot-monitoring with staggered hours, which wouldn't require as many voluteers but would catch most folks, who tend to come at the same time every day.
I suggest appointing a Committee of small dog owners dissatisfied with current hours to seek approval for a separate "Small dogs Only" park at the previously proposed location by the tennis courts  - there's money for fencing.)


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