Pet Club Annual Meeting

February 12, 2014

The meeting of the Pet Club was called to order at 1:07 by President Roger Augustin. Board members present: Treasurer Marilyn Clyne, Secretary Laurie Riordan.

The minutes from the last meeting were read, revised, and approved. Sandy corrected the website information to read:

Treasurers report: End of January $6364.31. There is $150 cash on hand.

Old Business: The requisition for non-potable water in the park will need to be resubmitted to the Happy Trails Board for approval. Additionally, no plumbing estimates have been received to put potable water in the park due to no HT Board approval. The process will restart when the newly elected officers take office.

There is continuing interest to put shade in the park for dog watchers. Roger noted that two umbrellas could be purchased. These can be purchased at Sams Club for about $500 each. The discussion will be continued, and a chairperson selected to complete the process after the new board takes office.

A motion was made by Sandy and seconded to donate $500 to Activities to help them for their continued maintenance at Happy Trails.  Marianne is chairperson of the Pet Expo, which is held this year on March 13th. Marianne reported that volunteers are needed to set up tables in the morning, and to make flyers for advertising. At this point there are only three vendors attending, however, it is still a month away. If there aren't sufficient vendors to put on a pleasing Pet Expo, Marianne will make the call to cancel it.

Hazel Whitehurst will relieve Sandy of Webmaster of

New Business: We are looking into the purchase of shirts for the Pet Club. The design is a polo shirt that would have a small logo of a dog, and the words Happy Trails Pet Club, Surprise, AZ under the dog. There will be several colors available. Brent at Activities is getting back to Laurie with a cost, and when that occurs, members of the Pet Club will receive the pertinent information regarding purchasing one.There was a discussion of whether or not we should sell flashers at the Pet Expo. Since Activities sells these flashers for $3.00, Roger volunteered to speak with Brent about obtaining some.

The Pet Club has supplies in several locations, and Roger asked about purchasing a plastic storage bin to store these items. It was decided to perhaps purchase something later, but for now, Patti has volunteered to let the Club use her storage shed temporarily until a more permanent solution can be found. These items will be rounded up and moved to her shed as soon as possible. We will release our small locked space in the Lantana for another group.

We are going to participate in the Happy Trails parade of clubs. Tammy will decide where we will meet and disperse that information at our next meeting, which is two days prior to the parade. Folks can walk, or drive their carts, with or without decorations.

Election of Officers: Tammy Gatenby has been elected President, and Patti Silzel is our new Vice President. Laurie Riordan will remain the Secretary, and Marilyn Clyne will continue as Treasurer for an additional year. This will keep a staggered board each year with two new officers and two continuing officers each election year.

Misc: Linda Ford brought up an issue concerning large dogs inside the park prior to 9:00. She said a small dog owner has been irritated when arriving at the park just prior to 9:00 and having a large dog inside the park. Linda volunteered to take a poll asking if owners want the whole morning for little dogs only, or whether we should leave the park for little dogs only as is, from 9:00 through 12:00 on little dog days (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).

The meeting was adjourned at 2:30.

Respectfully submitted.

Laurie Riordan



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