March Pet Club Meeting
March 12, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 1:00 by Tammy Gatenby. 

Those present: All the officers were present, plus 14 Pet Club Members at large.

Tammy introduced the members of the Board. 

Agendas will be emailed to all Pet Club Members prior to the meetings. 

Additions to agenda?  No

Treasurers report:  The February 24th bank statement, showed a balance of $6011.81. There is a balance of $6088.31 at this time.  Ron Krassan was paid for the mailbox. Anne Louise has bills to submit, and she brought some from Roger as well. They will be submitted today and paid ASAP.


Old Business:  45 responses were gleaned from the pet survey, asking if owners wanted little dog hours changed. Four owners responded that they wanted little dog hours changed. Because of lack of interest in the subject, we will close the topic and keep the pet hours as they are. There will be a map put on the website showing where dogs are allowed throughout the park.


  • Pet Club shirts will be available in the fall for approximately $20. A form will be in the envelope that owners use to register their dogs, to order a shirt. We hope to have a sample shirt available. 

  • Storage –Anyone with items belonging to the Pet Club, please take these items to Patti's where she has storage available for the Pet Club. Patti lives at Lot 1719. We will use Patti's shed until it's decided on what kind of permanent storage we would like. 

  • Pet Expo-- has been cancelled. There wasn't enough vendor response this year. Thirty two letters were sent out to vendors. Seven vendors said yes, they would participate.(The psychic was disappointed in the cancellation.) Vendors seem to be excited to come to the Pet Expo, but the folks who live here apparently aren't, as vendors haven't had much response from Pet Club members or Happy Trails residents. If we decide to change the date for the Expo, we need to get it changed ASAP so it can go on the calendar for next year. There needs to be a time limit on the bottom of the vendor sign up form. We also need to get more involved in the Pet Expo. Marianne would appreciate getting off the committee of one and would like a new chairperson, as she's done it for several years. 

  • Parade - - March 14, Friday. Please meet at 1756 in the Ranch (Tammy's place) at 9:30 so we can figure out the signage for our group. We are number 13 out of 15 in the parade. 

  • Potluck ---at the Gazebo.  Marilyn will get the time and date for the potluck and hopefully that information will be available Friday morning, parade day.  Finger 3 or 4. There will be more information sent to club members about the get-together. 

  • Meeting hours - - anybody want them changed? To morning? Leave it the same? We aren't sure we can change times, but would like to know if there is much demand for a different time. No response, so the question was dropped. 

  • It was asked if we have a way to memorialize a pet? Do we have anything in place? There was a plaque at one point but not much information was available. Before anything permanent could be done we need to seek permission from the Happy Trails Board to place something in the park. A couple ideas : what about placement in one a tree and add leaves with the names of deceased pets. Perhaps a bulletin board. More information to come later. 

  • A member mentioned the plight of feral cats, and suggested something be placed in the Nosey Coyote about not abandoning cats when we leave Happy Trails. 

  • Sunshine Club.....Patti mentioned having a member be responsible for sending cards for the folks that are sick and for those that have lost a pet. Linda offered to help and will work with Patti to see that cards are signed and given out..

  • Lots of folks don't know about the pet park....but they should get the information when they come in for their stay. We need to make certain that our information is available to new residents upon entering Happy Trails. Additionally, all pets must be registered with Happy Trails.


    Meeting was adjourned at 2:10.


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