Happy Trails Pet Club Meeting
March Meeting 9, 2016


The meeting was called by Tammy Gatenby.

The minutes from February 10, 2016 were read and approved.

Marilyn gave the treasurer's report: Beginning balance was $2,526.94.

Revenue from dues, Expo income and donations was $579.

Expenses totaled  $1,310.84, for new bag dispensers, tags, meeting and expo prizes and $200 to the Activities Department.

The ending balance for the 2015-16 Season is $1,815.10. (final balance calculated post-meeting)


Old Business:


The 2016 Pet Expo had 12 vendors. The 2017 Expo is scheduled for Feb 15, 2017. White Tanks gave away over 90 items. It was suggested that Animal Control come to our November 2016 meeting.


Bags dispensers - As we found a site where the dispensers were half the price as those previously considered; we got a total of 4.  One will be on the fence by the ballroom, and the other 3 will be placed around the park, for easy access for everyone. To give us a good start with bags we purchased 4 cases, giving us 4000 bags. We also purchased 3 new trash cans.


Our Spring Pet Club Party will be this coming Saturday, 2-5PM at the Gazebo. Any all help appreciated to come at 1PM.




We had a call come in to the officers regarding a large dog/small dogs situation in the morning   Aggressiveness will not be tolerated in any way. We discussed big and little dog hours. A motion was made by Debbie Heim that we set aside some time for Big Dogs (30 lbs and over) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9am - 12 noon.  Second by Marilyn Cline. Motion passed


Small Dog hours remain Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings from 9-12.


All other hours: dawn to 9am, 12pm to dark and all day Sunday are available for All Size dogs and their owners to socialize.




We talked about making HT Pet Club donation to the Activities Department and/ or the Beautification Committee and tabled it until we know where the loot is most needed. An amount of $200 to $500 was suggested. Since we all use the activities, buildings, equipment or places, we need to contribute. A motion to contribute was made by Ida, a second was made by Patti, motion was carried;

2 opposed and amount to be determined when research is made. Marilyn will check it out.

Robert Gregg is donating a bench in memory of Curtis. 

Do we want to look into getting memorial plaques for people and/or pets, by the large back wall. Motion was to defer till fall when we have more time to look into it.



There was a discussion to remove the strips around the sally port and fence. The solid surface attracts leg-lifting was getting too smelly and really didn't prevent the dog choirs upon arrival and departing and guests walking by as was originally intended. A motion was made by Laurie Riordin that the slats be removed followed a second by Patti, motion passed.  We will look into adjusting the sprayers to wash down the dog pee in and around sally port and walls. The spray donated by Sandy W is to be used first, it is natural and has woodsy smell.



Gabe talked about coyotes being able to Jump the highest walls. One came after a falling bird as if the fence were not there during early morning hours recently. One coyote had followed another dog back into a home, in Traditions and killed it in front of owners as they woke up to the ruckus. Coyotes have been fed in the spring, little pups, because they are cute, and golfers are feeding them snacks, lessening their fear of humans, appearing on patios when owners are there. We discussed safeguards for the dog park, for our homes and while walking our dogs. Little has been done by government entities to relocate some of the tremendous quantities we have this year in the park. Common sense was a topic also, since humans are obviously creating a lot of the problem.



Explained to Tammy, by an Animal Dermatologist, it's a onetime pill and a couple of baths to get rid the mange. “Revolution” or similar products are a great way to deter the mites. The most common is great affinity for the coyotes, which are everyone in our neighborhood. At 50 degrees mites can live off a host for up to 21 days.  Between 68-77 degrees the might can only survive off of a host for only 2-6 days. So as you can see the warmer the weather the shorter the life span.

Flu Shots are now being given to dogs, ask your vet.



As there were no eager volunteers, Flo made a motion to accept Tammy Gatenby as President and Patti Silzel as Vice-President, second by Anne Louise. Motion carried. The current officers will continue as they were willing to do so, KUDOS to them, this can seem like real work sometimes!



We had our monthly draws, then our grand prize draw.

We drew four times before we had a winner, because you had to be present to win. Karen Barkman won the grand prize, $50.00 gift certificate to Outback or Carrabas and a painting done by Sandy Williamson.


The meeting was adjourned.


The meeting was a long and interesting one, in fact Sandy W had to take the minutes which she is self admittedly not qualified to do, as she is too interested in what is going on and forgets to write, publicity is more her game, so please excuse any omissions and mistakes, check the treasurer figures, I may have screwed that up.



Respectfully submitted by Sandy Williamson, Publicity Chairman in lieu of person with minute writing skills



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