To aid in creating minutes for the 11/12 meeting since none were taken, here are my recollections:
Votes were taken on two items: (1) Anne Louise will purchase material to do a beta test replacing material on one of the chairs and if that worked well, the Club would approve further repairs; moved, seconded and passed (2) Marianne Krasson made a donation from the Theater Club of $125 which was accepted to place a memorial, probably in the form of a bench, in memory of Ron Ward and Laurette Cook, both avid Pet Club supporters.
It was noted that the Club still has $50 donated by Elaine VanCompernolle in memory of her beloved dog Tyler, which should be expedited.
Other discussions regarded:
Vaccination verification of dogs using Happy Tails, in particular Parvo and Bordetella, in addition to Rabies. The Membership envelopes could be altered to include this information. It was concluded that the Club has the authority to ask for this information as a prerequisite to using the Pet Park. Ensuring that dogs using the Park have the correct tags and are current Members involves monitoring; currently the Park is self-monitored, but some folks said they would volunteer to be official monitors.
Increased Small Dog hours at Happy Tails, Vernie Johnson lobbied for additional small dog hours. She was informed that the Club had done extensive surveys and took an email vote to include all Members, who decided the Small Dog hours remain the same at 9AM-12PM Tues, Thur, Sat.
The Pet Expo - invitations should be sent out earlier so vendors can plan to attend. Marianne said she's done it for 12 years and would like to hand it off to someone else. (I believe that) Patti and Anne Louise agreed to take over the planning. A change in the event date was recommended.
The Homecoming Parade - it's in March this year, but no one knew the exact date or the theme. It was recommended that the Pet Club's position in the Parade be guaranteed to be near the front for the comfort of the dogs, since staging begins at 9AM in the morning and the dogs get too hot and tired if we're near the end. (I don't believe it was decided whether we would be participating or who would head up a Parade Committee.)
Pet Club Potluck - February was suggested with no specific date and venues were discussed. Patti? was going to check the availability of the Gazebo, where the Potluck was held last Season. Members present asked how many came to the last one; two members offered their lots as venues in the event the Gazebo is not available. (As far as I remember) no decision was made.
And that's all I remember. I must have arrived too late to hear the discussion and vote on privacy slats for the sally port. The Members were discussing dog disease and preventing illegals in the Park when I got there.
Sandy Matarazzo

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