Happy Trails Pet Club Minutes
November 9, 2016

The meeting was called to order by Patti Silzel 1:00, with 10 people in attendance.

Minutes were read by Anne Louise Petersen and approved

Treasurer’s Report - Marilyn gave the treasures report :   Ending balance in April 2016 was $1822.60.  Patti bought a storage bin for 136.18 & padlock for 14.08.  May balance was 1677.34.  Beginning balance in Oct. was 1677.34.  Patti bought 4 waste bins for 112.47. Dues deposited  335.00.  $20.00 cash for drawing prizes $ 20.00.  Balance on hand $1879.87 as of this meeting.

Water Fountain -Jim Bullman wants to have a water fountain put into the park.  He is going get more details and submit it to the board.  Jim will also donate the first $500 towards the fountain.

Christmas Party -  Our Christmas party is on Dec 11th, not the 17th as stated at the meeting.  It was decided by the member to have finger foods, and games for the party.  The party will be held in NC1.

Benches - We have some benches that have become a hazard.  The legs have rusted out, which has become dangerous.  We asked if we would like more benches and Anne Louise Petersen will look into the pricing.  It was tabled for the December meeting.

Bob Greg wants to donate a bench in Curtis Greg's name.

We also have a wooden bench that needs to be redone.  Patti will talk to Grace Benfield to see what can be done.

Rule #6, Aggressive Behavior - Any aggressive dogs will not be allowed into the park, at anytime.  This is also a Happy Trails rule.  Patti talked to the party involved with an incident, all was taken care of and no further action is needed.

Pet Expo - The date for the pet expo is on Feb 15/ 17 from 10 - 2.  Anne Louise already has 3 vendors wanting to be a part of the expo.

Draw  - This month's door prize went to Ann Chiuchiolo


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