Meeting Minutes April 10, 2013

Roger Augustin call the Meeting to order at 1:05 PM.  There were 13 persons in attendance.

Marilyn Clyne read the March 13, 2013 Minutes. It was moved, seconded and accepted unanimously that the Minutes be accepted as read.

Marilyn Clyne read a detailed accounting of the Treasurer's Report for the period ending April 10, 2013. The ending balance, held as cash in bank, is $5,196.39. This entire amount is being held in reserve for construction of the Pet Park Awning. There was a request noted in the March 13, 2013 minutes not to include the Treasury balance in the minutes; the reason for this request was not included. Marilyn Clyne stated that Minutes do not normally report the amount; Roger Augustin expressed concern that there should be Treasurer's records kept available for Club Officer's use, but not in a public forum. Ultimately, there was no directive whether or not to include the balance in the Minutes. It was moved and seconded and unanimously voted that the Treasurer's Report be accepted as read.

Old Business:

Pet Park Awning:

Roger Augustin read Ed Heckman's Pet Park Awning Committee Report (copy attached). There was a discussion of funding-raising logistics, since the estimated cost for the (redesigned) awning - $7,900 - exceeds $6,600 funds available after collecting 2013-14 dues estimated at $1,600. Fun and Games and Activities are traditional sources of funds;  fundraising ideas were discussed, but none implemented. Concerns expressed by persons present and from Member emails were: 

            1.         Club funds will be completely depleted by this one project and there are 

                            other potential needs for funds.

            2.         The awning is unnecessary:

                                    a.  the angle of the sun will cast a shadow on the walkway, not the                                          
 grass area - a mock-up should be done to determine                                                                                          effectiveness.

                                    b.  there's enough shade from existing structures during the winter;

                                    c.  If it's hot enough to need additional shade, it's too hot for dogs                                                                               to  be using the park.

            3.         The awning support posts in the grass area will pose a hazard to the dogs.


Ed Heckman moved and Marilyn Clyne seconded a motion to approve use of Club funds and to pursue additional funding to build the awning in the Pet Park. The motion passed with 12 ayes and 3 nays (2 proxies). It was made clear that if there is enough negative feedback prior to start of construction, this item may be brought up again for reconsideration and a motion for rescission may be made.


Water taps in Pet Park:

Roger will meet with BGM in April to nail down the location and design for bringing fresh water into the Park for hose bibs; these bibs for the purpose of washing down urine from the cement and washing and refilling fresh water for the dog drinking dishes. No information yet as to how much this will cost or who will pay for it.


Sally Port:

The interior gate opens on the east side, which puts users on uneven grassy ground when entering the Park, unless the gate is opened all the way to the wall. It was agreed that the gate should open at the west side. After some informal discussion, Roger said he could remount the gate.

for the benches were discussed. The Bleckmans donated four stackable chairs.


New Business:

Marianne Krasson retired her name from the slate for Pet Club Treasurer. Patty nominated Marilyn Clyne for Treasurer. Jackie seconded the motion. It was passed unanimously.

Ed led a discussion of the wonderful job that Marianne Krasson had done as Treasurer for so many years and suggested that the Club send a Thank You card. Sandy volunteered to do this on behalf of the Membership.


All the inventory of pet accessories was sold at the Pet Expo. Anne Louise will look into the cost of purchasing more flashers, which were very popular. Members present discussed new Pet Club T-Shirt designs with pockets, as well as wearing badges instead; it was suggested to ask Brent where he orders his shirts.


Motion was made, seconded and approved that Park rules be changed from "children 8 years and over" to "children 9 years and over" may be in the Park with adult supervision.

Roger will change the signs to reflect this ruling and the Club's decision that there be no limit on the number of dogs for handlers.

Don related Beth McWilliams chiding of him for disposing of pet bags at the Gazebo. Beth's position is that pet waste should not be dumped in the Gazebo waste cans. The confusing placement of signage was discussed. Members were discouraged from retaliatory activities.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:05.


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