Happy Trails Pet Club

Meeting Minutes

December 10, 2014


Meeting was called to order by President Tammy Gatenby at 1:03 PM. 14 Members in attendance.


Tammy said that the Meeting Flyer is posted at the Dog Park; there was some discussion about how to get more Members to come to the Meetings.


The November 12, 2014 minutes were read by Tammy and approved.


Marilyn Clyne presented the Treasurer’s Report; beginning balance was $5,989.97, add revenue of $912.26 and no expenses for a balance of $6,902.23 on December 10, 2014. Marilyn reported an additional $40 received today. The Treasurer’s report was approved as presented.

As a related subject, payment envelope format and tag enforcement was discussed.

The recommended changes for the Membership envelope area and tag issue were:

  1. Label the payment box and payment slot so it’s more obvious.

  2. Increase the size of the line for the Member email address

  3. Add a line for “big dog/small dog” so Marilyn knows what size tags to deliver

  4. Add a check-box indicated that Member’s “Dog has been registered with HTCA – Must be Done Annually”; Patti and Dyan will cross-check the Member name and Lot # against the HTCA list twice per year

  5. On the line for Rabies information, ask for EXPIRATION DATE. Rabies is only vaccination required by Maricopa County; Bordetella recommended but not required.


    These proposed changes were approved by the Members present.


    Patti stated that full-timers do not leave and re-enter the Resort and so they do not received the Pet Registration form from HTCA from Security. She will bring forms to the HTPC Meetings to give to full timers.


    Old Business:


    Park Rules:

    The Park is self-monitored. Full Pet Park rules will be re-posted on the Bulletin Board at the Park for user reference. The most commonly violated rules will appear in the Nosey Coyote to keep users informed.

    Please assist your fellow Park users to remember:


  1. Pick up their pet’s poop

  2. Lease and unleash their pets in the Sally Port, not in the Park.

  3. DO NOT bring glass into the Park

  4. DO NOT bring food or dog treats into the Park


    Self-monitors should use a calm and informative tone when helping others use the Pet Park properly. Call Happy Trails Security to enforce proper use of the Pet Park if someone becomes confrontational. 

    Monitors should not put themselves in harm’s way.


    In case of an injury, call one of the HTPC Officers to complete an Incident Report and to take witnesses’ statements. The Officer’s numbers will be posted on the Bulletin Board.


    Small Dog Hours:

    In response to some Members’ requests, Tammy reiterated that Small Dog Hours will remain the same: 9AM-12PM Tues, Thurs, Sat; extensive research went into the vote previously taken and the Club sees no reason to revisit the issue.


    Privacy Slats:

    The slats have been installed at a cost of $178 and seem to be helping somewhat in mitigating the dog bark pileup at the Sally Port gate.



    There are two of the polo-style T-shirts left at a cost of just under $30. Discussion revealed that the Members present would like to see a different style, more light-weight and more generic and CHEAPER.  Will revisit this In January 2015.


    Sunshine Committee:

    Patti and Linda Jones will send cards from the Pet Club for sickness or death of Members or Member’s Pets. Please let them know of any need.


    Water in the Park:

    Many Members have approached the HTCA BOD and this is simply NOT GOING TO HAPPEN under the current administration. We currently have a hose attached to potable water at the ballroom; if we need to use water further into the Park, we have to get a longer hose.


    New Business:


    HTPC Pot Luck:

    The first of two Pot Lucks was originally booked for 12/13, but this was too soon. It was re-scheduled for December 20th from 11AM – 1PM at the Gazebo. There will be another Pot Luck in March.



    Since all the information was not yet available to discuss this item, it was tabled until the January meeting.

    Joyce Hansen requested that a work order be submitted to cure a hazardous low spot at the northwest corner of the lawn area.



    It was proposed that the October and April meetings be eliminated from the HTPC schedule due to sparse attendance. This issue was tabled until the next meeting for more input.



    Pet Expo:

    The Pet Club Expo will be held on Feb 24, from 10AM-2PM at the Towne Centre. Tammy, Patti and Anne Louise are coordinating the event. They will be sending out the letter requesting vendor attendance; new attendees will be sought. A Micro-chipping provider was requested.


    Club Fair:

    Members present were in favor of the Club attending the Club Fair on Jan 16 and possibly parading the dogs or presenting a skit. Pets could go in costume and permission should be gotten, as it has been in the past, to bring the dogs into the building for the event.


    The meeting was adjourned at 2:10 PM.



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