Message from your President(For the December 11, 2013 Meeting) There are no minutes per se, I have a few notes but that’s it. I won’t be at the next meeting, I will be in the hospital for my hip surgery. I was at the hospital all day today and have more test tomorrow.. A couple of things discussed were: create a flyer/email on the pros and cons of the awning for the park and have all members vote on action (yes/No). Jackie volunteered to make us a table banner for the club to display on pet expo and club day. It was recommended that Laurie might look into new club shirts, something that can be worn anytime and not be too obvious.. Tammy Gatenby, Connie Faulkner, Pattie, Roger & Ed volunteered to set in on new committee meetings. Debbie Heim/Tammy/Mary Ann, Pat volunteered for the pet expo. Need committees to discuss/research and make recommendations on subject matter.

Additional information submitted regarding the December 11, 2013 Meeting:

 Here is what I remember from the last meeting.  Envelops were discussed, want peel envelops as glue was not sticking.  Roger wanted to put a new mailbox up, he was hoping to make it at the sawmill.  Not sure if he even got started on it.  
The awning was brought back up again by Ed.  He put poles up where the awning would be.  It would be 12 ft tall, with a 4 ft drop on it.  It was asked how many people actually stay here at Happy Trails for the summer, 4 people responded, and no one would bring there pets to the park if it was too hot.  They come later in the day when cooler, as it is too hot for the dogs.  The awning would not help.  
Roger asked if he could get more people on the board, Tammy Gatenby offered to step up.  No objections to this point.  
A committee was asked to work on Pet Expo - Debbie Heim, Tammy Gatenby, Mary Ann, and Pat volunteered for this.
Adjourned about 2:30 
Tammy Gatenby


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