December meeting HT Pet Club


Meeting was opened by Patti Sitzel, in President Tammy Gattenby’s absence.  

Minutes were read and approved.


Treasury report $1510.50 . $465 collected November and $295 since then. Check of 50.00 paid out for Xmas party. Total $2215.50.


Dog Park hours were discussed, Please keep to big and little dog hours and aggressive dogs will be removed from the park.


Please register pets at city office with their medical shot information.


The Pet Expo in February  was discussed, Tammy and VP Ann are gone due to illness or surgery and no one stepped up to Chair the Expo. A vote was unanimous to cancel it.


We had long discussion about giardiasis outbreak, which causes severe diarrhea , three dogs have been sick or infected. Giardiasis is caused by infected dog feces, contaminated ground and common water, spurring conversation about a watering system in the future to be discussed and voted on by members. Three days of continuous sunlight kills the parasite in the ground. Each dog owner can decide whether or not to bring their dogs. Wiping feet with baby wipes after park use or washing them was recommended. It is contagious to dogs and humans.


 We talked about current water supply and having bowls in park for water and decided for now ,

to tell owners to bring  own bowls and we will have bottles of water at the park, refilled by volunteers.


Right now we are putting the bowls away and providing bottles of water. 8 of 11 present carried the motion to approve.


Meeting was adjourned by Patti Sitzel. 


By Sandy Williamson,

acting for Secretary who was absent



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