Happy Trails Pet Club Meeting Minutes

December 9, 2015

Nineteen members were present. The meeting was called to order at 1 pm by President Tammy Gatenby.

Minutes were approve as read.

Treasury report:  Expenses: $2.50 bank, $400 Christmas dinner, $105.66 prizes, $15 web site.  Income: $450 dues, $245 dinner.  Balance is $2,329.44

Old Business:  The Christmas party was a success and a committee will be formed for next year’s Christmas party.

Ann Chiuchiolo, Linda Jones and Janet Plum are on the committee for the potluck in March.

If you wish a Happy Trails Pet Club Shirt, you purchase a shirt of your own choice and choose one of the two designs to be embroidered on the shirt.  Submit the shirt and logo choice to Patti Silzel. 

There was an incident in the dog park.  All incidents should be reported to an officer.  Officer’s names and phone numbers are posted at the dog park

New Business:  The Pet Expo is Wednesday Feb. 17 2016 at Happy Trails in front of the ballroom.  Tammy Gatenby will contact committee members for a meeting.  Tables for the event are $15.

The Club Fair is Fri Jan. 22, 2016 in the ballroom.  We will need 4 members to take shifts to host the table.  More information at the Jan. meeting.

Election of officers is in March.  Nominees are presented in February.  Submit your name or the name of someone who wishes to be an officer.

Happy Trails Pet Club would like to donate items for any pet, such as dog, cat, bird or fish food, toys, beds, clothing that are needed at the Humane Society.  Please put donations in the grey toy storage container at the top of the Pet Park.

End of season draw.  Sign your ticket when you attend the meeting and have a chance for that month’s door prize.  All tickets will be saved each month for the grand prize at the end of the season

Sandy Williamson is working on an appropriate size banner to put on the back of your golf cart to promote the Pet Club.  More information in January.

Mike Bandrowski expressed concern over the use of the dog park at night and the amount of dog poo left in the park.  One option is to lock the gate at dusk, so no one can go in if people continue to NOT pick up after their pets after dark.  Tammy Gatenby will check with Happy Trails for options for lights at night. 

Sandy Williamson suggested a cedar wood and sage spray for urine on the poles and fence to reduce the odor.  It will be made available at the dog park and used on a trial basis.

This month’s door prize were won by Kathy Sedy and Debbie Heim.

Meeting adjourned.

Kathy Sedy, Secretary


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