Pet Club Minutes
February 11, 2015

All officers present, 15 members were in attendance.

President Tammy called the meeting to order at 1:00.

Everyone was given a chance to peruse the agenda, and asked if anyone needed an agenda.

Minutes from the January were read and approved.

Treasures Report:   After all the outstanding bills were paid, our treasury has a balance of $5203.50.

On an additional note, there are 156 dogs registered. 

Old Business:  There are seven confirmed vendors for our Pet Expo. Three more should be returning calls. Maybe we might want to have this on a weekend next year, since we could draw more people. We will have the Expo this year since plenty of work has already been put into it, regardless of how many vendors are on board. The Pet Expo is Feb. 24, from 10-2. We will have a drawing at the Pet Expo. Linda's husband John would be willing to speak about dog training. Fostering group would like to be represented.  There will be a therapy dog on site as well. 

Tee Shirts:  Will soon have prices for the embroidery that people can put on their own shirt. There was a motion and a second to use our own personal shirts and pay to have each one embroidered   individually. Motion passed unanimously. 

The water in the park issue was brought up again. There will be no water in the park. There is a long hose and we will buy a bench to place it in so the sun does not rot it. It was suggested that we consider a flat hose that expands, since it would take up much less room in something we would purchase for it. 

New Business: 

Election of Secretary. No one raised his or her hand to eagerly volunteer for this open board position. We would like someone who is available at the park from October until April if possible. If that's not possible, a volunteer of any kind would just be lovely.

Chairs and Donations:  We feel we have too much money in our treasury. It was brought up that we could acquire more chairs since some of our older ones are rotting,  or a couple benches, and perhaps new water bowls. In addition, we are also thinking about giving $1000 to Beautification and Activities. It's been moved and seconded that we give the 1000k to each Club. Discussion ensued. Motion passed. 

It has been moved and seconded that we purchase 8 more chairs for the Dog Park. The motion passed unanimously. Hopefully Anne Louise will be able to acquire the same chairs at the same price paid for the previous ones. 

Our Spring potluck is scheduled at the Gazebo on Sunday, March 15. Potluck hours are 11:00-3:00 with lunch around noon. Games are planned, and, there are prizes to give out. December 6th Pot Luck is reserved in NC 1.  Someone bought up the possibility of the December potluck being catered. There will be more discussion about the food prior to the December potluck date. 

 The Happy Trails Board has requested that the Pet Club update their signs. There is no monitor anymore at the park, which is the big reason for the update. Additionally the hours were listed incorrectly. Expect new signs for the fence soon. 

Due to the discussion about the signs, and not knowing the cost, there was an amendment to the previous motion that agreed to give $1000 to Beautification and Activities. The amended motion now reads $1000 to the Beautification committee, and up to $500 to Activities. (The exact amount will be determined by the HTPOC Board.) 

Discussions from club members: How is the Expo going to be advertised? Could there be slips handed out to folks? Tammy responded we'd have Sandwich Boards, notices on windows, signs on carts, etc. Same as in the past. 

Pick up, pick up! We had a complaint about leaving toys out and about in the dog park! Apparently it appears too messy. So, folks are reminded to please not only pick up poop, please pick up toys as well.

We will make a sign for the toy box that says to return toys to the box. Check out by the recycle place to get extra bags that are needed for dog waste in the park! 

Draw:  Today's big winner for the 8 X 10 painting, provided by Sandy Williams, was Dixie's Dad  . . . . Ernie Flores. Congratulations Ernie!

There were also two gift bags won. Congratulations to all our winners!

A big thank you to John (Callie's Dad) who made the sandwich boards for our club. We so appreciate you doing this for us.

Meeting Adjourned.


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