Happy Trails Pet Owners Club
Monthly Meeting Minutes  February 13, 2013

The monthly pet club meeting was called to order by Ann Louise Petersen.

The treasurer reported her monthly report. Shirts are available for $31.

It was brought up whether to put wood slats between the gaps in the park benches or some sort of sun screen fabric over the seats. A discussion followed. A motion was made to approve $100 for one proto type bench with the wood slats. The motion carried. Ron Krasson will make this for us.

A motion was made and passed not to donate to activities this year, until it is determined how much the club needs for its use.

There was a discussion about pet sitters and the number of dogs they can bring to the dog park at any one time, and it was voted not to restrict the number of dogs that sitters can bring.

Motion was made to raise the $5 user fees to a flat $10 fee regardless of membership effective 10/1/2013. This motion was passed.

Marilyn Clyne volunteered to take over treasurer from Marrianne Krasson. The election will be held in March.

Pet owners, please bring grocery bags to the pet park instead of the grocery store. There will also be a note in the Nosey Coyote about this.

Motion was made to adjourn, and passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Marilyn Clyne



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