Happy Trails Pet Club Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2016

The meeting was called to order at 1 pm by President Tammy Gatenby.  There were 13 members present.

Minutes were approve as read.

Treasury report:  We have a balance of $2,496.94

Old business:

The Pet Expo is Feb. 17th 2016, 10 AM to 2 PM.  Set up will be at 8 AM.  Venders have been personally contacted and registrations are being sent.  Doggie Parade and Pet tricks will be awarded prizes.  There will be a gift card tree for a raffle and also a 50/50 draw.

The Pet Club embroidered shirts will be tabled until next season.  The vender is unavailable due to a death in the family.

Sandy Williamson is working on getting the right size banner for our golf carts.

We had a great response on our donation tote.  Sandy Matarazzo delivered the items to Halo, a small dog rescue.  It was suggested we keep a tote available at the park for donations to the shelter.

Patti Silzel noted that our older metal bench legs are rusting.  We are putting blocks of wood under the legs but that is a temporary solution.

New Business:  The Club Fair is Jan. 22, 2016 and 4 members are needed to give information and answer questions about the Pet Club.  Sandy Williamson suggested that we sell flashers.

Patti Silzel is putting together a pet sitting list to be put on the bulletin board at the park and on our web site.  If you want to be a pet sitter, contact Patti.

Tammy Gatenby and Patti Silzel are researching to upgrade the cans and bags for dog waste in the dog park.

The Club Show is January 25th 2016.We need a parade coordinator.  There will be a BBQ followed by a movie.

We need nominations in Feb. for next year’s officers, the elections are in March.

Marilyn Clyne asked that we check the latch on the deposit box at the park because when it rains the envelopes get wet.

This month’s door prize were won by Sandy Williamson and Iona

Meeting adjourned.

Kathy Sedy, Secretary



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