Happy Trails Pet Club Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 1 pm by President Tammy Gatenby.  Officers present were Tammy Gatenby, Marilyn Clyne and Kathy Sedy There were a total of 16 members present.

Minutes were approved as read.

Treasury report:  Expenses were $124 and dinner $459. Deposits were $255 and $1,000 returned from the beautification committee.  Bank balance of $2930.87.  Treasurer has $40 cash on hand.  Treasurer report was approved.

Pet Expo is Feb 15, 2017 10 AM to 2 PM.  Tammy needs more help, please volunteer.  Vendors are being contacted and we are working on the police or air force bringing in their working dogs.  We will not have a 50/50 basket this year.  We will have the pet parade and best trick contest.  If you know of a vendor who may be interested, contact Tammy Gatenby for an application.

The club fair is this Friday, Jan 13, 2017, volunteers are needed.

Envelopes and Dues.  $10 gives you up to 2 dog park tags and membership in the Happy Trails Pet Club.  The club provides the doody bags in the park and provides items for the dog park.  If you do not wish to join the pet club, you may choose to donate $5.  Please remember to register your pet with Happy Trails RV Resort.

We have removed 3 broken benches for the dog park.  It was discussed whether to purchase additional benches or chairs.  The motion was made by Janet Plumb to purchase 1 bench.  It was approved.  The motion was amended by Norman Ackert to also purchase 4 chairs.  It was approved.

A pet wash station was discussed and determined to not be a viable option for the pet club.

Meeting adjourned.

Kathy Sedy, Secretary


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