Board Members Present:  Tammy Gatenby, President,  Marilyn Clyne, Treasurer,  Laurie Riordan, Secretary.

The meeting was called to order at 1:00.

There were     members present.

The minutes from December were read and approved.

Treasurer Report:  Marilyn showed a sample of the new envelopes. There will be wording on the envelope the reminds all pet owners to register with Happy Trails. Everyone needs to renew, including year round residents.. We need everyone's email, so please don't put “on file” on the envelopes. Renters get their emails erased from year to year so your email needs to be rewritten. We have 133 dogs registered at this time.

End of last meeting we had $6,900. Currently, $5,054.72 is in the treasury.

Old Business:

Chairs:  Ann Louise researched chairs, and bought the club 8 chairs with a 7 year warranty, for $200 per chair, rather than $396. Thanks Ann Louise.

Pet Expo: Tammy, Patti, and Ann Louise, are working on the Expo and looking for “different” sorts of things. Not just the same old repeat  businesses. We have a chipping person coming in to chip dogs. There were 40-50 invitations sent to potential exhibitors. Three have been received already. Additionally, therapy dogs will be there as well.

Pet Rules: Leash in Sally port only, no glass, or food in the park, and pick up after your pets. These rules need to be repeated often, as well as mentioned in the Nosey Coyote.

Meetings: Shall we forgo April and October meetings due to lack of attendance?  Roger moved and Ann Louise seconded a motion to cancel those meetings. Motion was passed.

T-Shirts:  The ones we have can be reordered, but Tammy and Patti will look into a regular tee-shirt that is less expensive. It was suggested that a tag be made or bring your own shirt and have it embroidered by someone here at Happy Trails for a fee. It was suggested to have a price just for the words, and one for the words and the picture. More information at February's meeting.

Misc Items: The pole has been fixed...where Barney got a shock.  Spray bottles with soda, vinegar and water would help the smell of urine in the Sally Port and on the posts. We will buy some bottles and put the solution in bottles for use. After the trial period, if the mixture in the bottles appears to help, then more bottles will be filled and used to keep the odors down.

Club Fair on Friday: We have the stage at 11 so we can parade the dogs across the stage...dress them up if you want. Meet in the dog park by 10:45 and then go together. Put your name in the book indicating if you want to come. 10-1 is the Club Fair.  We will have a table and our banner will be used on the table. Envelopes and flashers will be for sale there.

Incident report of large dog entering park on a small dog day! The large dog owner wasn't aware of the rules, and the small dog owner was anything other than nice. One thought would be to  put rules of the dog park on a flyer and give to members as they sign up.

Elections: President, Vice President, Treasurer, will be staying on. The Secretary position is open for the next year. It would be great if the new secretary would be staying in the park more than three months. Next month we need to elect a secretary.

Sandy is running the website and is technically on the board. We all appreciate having the website current.

Pot Luck:  NC 1 will be the location of the  December 6th luncheon at approx. 11:30.   March date has not been determined.

Draw:   Two gift bags were won by lucky pet club members.

Meeting Adjourned.

Laurie Riordan


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