Happy Trails Pet Club
January 8, 2014

The Pet Club Monthly meeting was called to Order by Vice President Anne Louise Petersen. Marilyn Clyne, Treasurer, and Laurie Riordan, secretary we also present. Additionally in attendance were 22 Pet Club Members.

The minutes from December were read and approved.

The Treasurer reported the books are current and our balance is $5939.01.

Old Business:

Ed was thanked for all his work concerning the awning for the Pet Park. It was moved, seconded, and passed to not install the awning, which would cost the club $6900.

Ron Krasson volunteered to make a mail box for the Pet Park since ours is broken and envelopes with checks can be removed. There is a mail box at the Pickle Ball Court which should work for us as well, so it will be looked at for a possibility.

January 10th  was the Club Fair, and the Pet Club was represented by Jackie, Patty, Pat, Anne Louise and Sheri, who gave perusers information concerning the Pet Club, and even signed up members. Thank you volunteers for your time. Great banner Jackie, thank you!

Water in the park was discussed again. The Happy Trails Board said we can put water in the park but we need to purchase that improvement ourselves. There was a discussion whether or not we really need this, but consensus deemed we did. Not only to keep the urine smell at bay, but also for our pets when they are there. Ann Louise is going to speak with Roger to see what he has found out, and work with Ed about obtaining water. Ann Louise will contact two or three plumbing companies for estimates. At that time we will decide which of the estimates is best for us, and submit that information to the HT Board for their approval. More information will be available next meeting.

The Annual Pet Expo will be held March 13, right after our March 12 Pet Club meeting. The letters are prepared and ready to be sent to potential vendors.

There was a short discussion about having cat owners take an active roll in the park, but a few years ago there was a cat day at the park, where only 2 cats showed up, and didn't appear to use the park fully.

New Business:

There is an article in the Arizona Republic about javalinas, dated December 31, 2013. Since javalinas have been seen in the park, you might find reading this useful

information posted. FYI – Wags and Tails tour service for pets and their owners has gone out of business.

Our webmaster is looking for a replacement. Sandy has been at this for years, and she needs some relief. She will definitely train the next volunteer. It costs the club $14.95 per year to have a website. Ed moved to fund the website for the next five years. It was seconded and passed.Please give it some thought and let Sandy know if you are interested: mata2me@aol.com. Take a look at the website: www.happytrailspetclub.org, as you will find lots of useful information pertaining to the club.

We will decide how much of a donation the Pet Club will make to Activities, after we find out how much water to the park will end up costing.

Meeting was adjourned around 2:15

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Riordan


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