January 9, 2013

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 by President Roger Augustin.

Those attending: Roger Augustin, Pres., Anne Louise Peterson, VP, Laurie Riordan, Sec., Marianne Prasson, Treas., plus 27 club members.

Roger told attendees that if there is an item that needs to be on the agenda, to please notify him (or any other board member).

The December minutes were not read since they had been posted at the Dog Park. Minutes will be sent to Pet Club members email addresses that are on file from here on out. Additionally they will be posted at the Dog Park. 

Old Business:
·        Anne Louise is at the park twice daily and is in the habit of speaking with new folks and encouraging them to join the Pet Club, and informing them how to register a pet. The cost is $10 to become Pet Club members and register your dog(s), or $5 to just register a dog, come to the park and not join the Pet Club.
·        Some Pet Club members have taken it upon themselves to spray barking dogs who rush the gate when new dogs enter, and it seems to have curbed some dog enthusiasm.
·        Seems that someone took down the “Do not put dog droppings in trash can”, sign at the Gazebo. Happy Trails rules state that owners need to take the dog droppings home with them. It was suggested to put an odor reducer in the can to help diminish the smell, but rather than encourage this inappropriate behavior, the idea was “canned”.
New Business:
·        It was moved and seconded to purchase a First Aid Kit for adults at the dog park.  It will be kept in the toy bin at the park.
·        Potable water is needed at the park. It was moved and seconded to find out the cost for spigot, hose, and reel. Roger will determine the costs and report back at the next meeting.
·        After discussion it was moved and seconded to place the rabies tag number of registered dogs on the info envelope that is completed when a member signs up – this is done on a yearly basis by all dog owners. Additionally, it will be required to put the year the tag expires.
·        If there are any complaints concerning the dog park or dogs, please report to any board member, rather than to take concerns to the Happy Trails Board.
·        After some discussion it was moved and seconded that the dog park hours remain the same as they have been and as posted at the park.
·        The Club Fair is 1/11/13…Roger will set up an information table with Jackie and Hazel helping.
·        Pet Expo will be held March 14. Marianne has letters ready to send out to potential vendors. More help will be needed before the Expo.
·        Sandy will be sending emails (to those who have one on file) if and when there is any information to distribute.
The meeting was adjourned at 2:10. Next meeting is February 13th.



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