Pet Club Meeting
March 11, 2015


 Meeting was called to order at 1:05.

Officers present:  Tammy Gatenby, Patti Sitzel, and Marilyn Clyne.  Laurie Riordan was helping out by taking minutes.


There were 12 members present.


Minutes were approved as read.


Treasury report:  We paid $18.35 for expo supplies. Beautification committee was paid $1000, our additional eight chairs were purchased, and we now have a balance of  $2875.29.


Old Business:


Pet Expo....It was a cold day and not many people attended. Seven vendors responded and were part of the Expo, and they would like to bring in more vendors next year. The vendors are willing to help us bring in more vendors which is greatly appreciated.  It was suggested that we set the date for the Pet Expo this meeting rather than waiting till next fall. It was also suggested that the Expo last longer in the afternoon since most people seem to be out and about a little later in the day. Anne Louise said she would take the date to the office if we set one today. A committee needs to get working early in the year toward the goal of improving the Pet Expo. Ann Louise Petersen, Sandy Williamson, and Flo Walton volunteered to help.


Chairs: Thanks to Anne Louise for purchasing 8 more chairs for Wiggly Field. We decided to put most of them under cover (Patti's) for the summer so they won't be out in the blistering sun.


Donations: Beautification committee was very pleased with the donation from the Pet Club. If we pay Activities $500, it won't make much of a dent in our financial situation. It appears that the Beautification Committee is    spending the donation on the Memory Park. It has been moved and seconded to give Activities $500. Motion passed.


Shirts: The design is being worked on and should be priced from $10 - $18.

 The design will be available in the fall. This embroidered design will be available to put on member's own shirts.


Secretary: We need one desperately. We need a Secretary, as if we don't have one, our club could be dismantled. After some discussion Kathy Sedy volunteered take over the secretary position. Sandy Williamson will be on that secretary team as well, turning in the Nosey Coyote article and doing other publicity for the club as well. It was moved and seconded to accept these two members as co-secretaries.


Parade:  It's scheduled for 11:00 on Friday, in the ballroom.  Please meet at pet park at 10:45 if you would like to participate. Dressing up your dog/s is totally fine.  We are first on the stage.


Pot Luck on Sunday, March 15, 11:00 until 3:00. Games, dinner around noon, draws, and maybe some tunes. It will be held at the Gazebo. Please bring drinks and a dish to share.


Emergency situations: Patti Sitzel will care for pets should owners have to go to the hospital. This will be posted under the glass by the dog park, and will be in the Nosey Coyote this month.


Drawings: There were two lucky winners today.


Meeting adjourned.


Laurie Riordan




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