Happy Trails Pet Club

March 13, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Roger Augustin. Anne Louise Peterson, Marianne Krasson, and Laurie Riordan were also present.

The minutes were read and there were two corrections. Roger has sold shirts totaling $31 rather than shirts being sold for $31.  Elections for Treasurer will be held in April instead of March as stated in the February minutes. Minutes were approved as corrected. 

Treasurer report: included the $115 monies that were spent on the improvement of the benches. (It was been requested that the amount in the bank not be included in the monthly minutes.)

Old Business:  Cushions on the benches. The slats in the benches have been fixed so no pups will be hurt by slipping a leg through an opening. However, it may be decided to add cushions for the comfort of the dog owners at a later date! Motion was made and seconded to move the cushion discussion to the fall.  It passed.

Roger put in a work order for water in the park, lights to turn on at night and to trim the trees. He hasn’t heard back about completion of the work order. Another work order was sent in for the sally port gate to open in the opposite direction.

A new broom is needed for the park, and Marianne said it may be purchased for the dog park and the treasury will reimburse the purchaser. 

No food in the dog park, whether it is dog food or human food. There should be a sign reflecting this for the safely of everyone. Smoking in the park was discussed. There is no park rule against it, and since the park is outside, it was assumed that smokers need to be respectful of others rights. Smoking has not been an issue at this point.

Pet Expo update . . .There are 12 vendors, and we need to set up 14-16 tables, Membership envelopes will be available at the Pet Club table. Ribbons have been made for the judges; water bowls from
Dog Park will be moved by Anne Louise so dogs will have water at expo. The pet parade lasts about 10 minutes at 12:30. Presentation times for the outdoor stage will be listed out in front on the vendor tables. There are five presentations scheduled. Roger will get the benches moved for presentations. There are several volunteers who will be setting up chairs and tables at 7:30 before tomorrow’s Pet Expo. Patty has agreed to greet the vendors. George Jester will be taking pictures. Anne Louise has agreed to announce the pet parade. The two judges this year’s parade do not have dogs so won’t be biased during the parade.

There was no New Business.

It was moved and passed to adjourn the meeting at 2:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Riordan



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