Happy Trails Pet Club Meeting Minutes March 8, 2017
The meeting was called to order at 1:02 pm by President Tammy Gatenby.  Officers present were Tammy Gatenby, Marilyn Clyne, Patti Sizel and Kathy Sedy.   A total of 14 members were present.
Minutes were read, the following corrections were made.  The expense for the chairs were not spent last month, but spent this month for an expense of $800.  Minutes were approved.
Treasury report:  Expenses; Fliers $20, doody bags $156, chairs $800, $31 stop payment bank fee, (it will be refunded).  Income; Dues $472.  Balance is $1,826.34.  Treasurer has $25 cash on hand.  Treasurer report was approved.
Pet Expo was a success.  Thank you to everyone that helped.  We had 17 vendors and thank you cards and save the date for next year’s Expo on Feb 21, 2018 have been sent.  The Dog Communicator is missing a book “A Dogs Purpose”.  Someone may have borrowed it at the Expo, if it is not returned, Ann Louise suggested that the Club replace it.
The new chairs have arrived at the Pet Park.  Also the dedication bench from Iona for Curtis Gregg is at the Park.
Ann Chiuchiolo was elected as Vice President for next year.
The Spring Party at the Gazebo is March 18th, 2017.  Pot luck and games.  Please put your name on the list at the Pet Park so we have an idea of how many will be attending.  Bring your unwanted dog toys and etc. for a swap event.
The Christmas Party is Dec 9th 2017.  It was decided to have a dinner, the cost to be announced in November.
Friday March 17, 2017 is Club Skit day.  We will meet at the pet park at 9:45 AM and parade our pets across the stage.  Dressing up and/or doing tricks are always a hit.  Patti Sizel will chair this event.
Our storage is full and more storage is needed.  Ann Louise made a motion to buy an additional storage unit and Layton seconded the motion.  The motion was approved. 
Patti Sizel offered to clean out the over stuffed toy box in the Pet Park.
Nona Reynalds suggested that we discontinue use of the small waste cans as the bags are thin and they are not being emptied.  She made a motion to use 1 large can by the exit gate on a trial basis.  Pattie Sizel seconded, the motion was passed.  Ann Chiuchiak will pick up a large trash can.
Tammy Gatenby will talk to Jill at the office about a reminder in the renter’s information about picking up after your pet. Nona Reynalds won the door prize.   Additional prizes were distributed.


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