Happy Trails Pet Club Meeting Minutes

November 11, 2015

Seven members were present including officers, Marilyn Clyne, Kathy Sedy and Patti Setzel.  The meeting was called to order at 1 pm by Patti Setzel.

Minutes were approve as read.

Treasury report:

Expenses: $500 activities, $198 supplies, $15 web site, $289 dog park signs, $13 prizes, $21 new checks.   Income: $340, dog park.  We have a balance of $2167.50.

Old Business:

The new signs are posted at the dog park, please encourage everyone to read them.

Two logos have been chosen for our Pet Club shirts.  You purchase a shirt that you like, and then choose which logo you want to have embroidered.  Sally will be here in Dec. to take orders and give us a price.

The Christmas Party is on Dec 6th 11 to 2:30 pm in NC1.  It is catered, your choice of Ham or Turkey, cost is $5.  The deadline for reservations is Nov. 30th.  You can make your reservations with a pet park envelope or call Patti Sitzel.  There will be games and prizes, a festive good time.

New Business:

Pet Expo is scheduled for Feb. 17, 2016.  Sandy Matarazzo will check to see if Traditions would like to combine their expo with ours.  Ann Petersen, Sandy Williamson and Flo Walton are on the Expo committee and more volunteers are needed.  Any suggestions for vendors would be appreciated.

Sandy Williamson is creating a Happy Trails Pet Club banner that we can display on the back of our golf carts.  The price will be $16 - $20.  Contact Sandy for more information.

There will be a potluck in the Gazebo in March.

At each meeting the members attending are entered in a drawing.  The winners today were Rich Johnson and Walt Johnson.  Each member at the meeting is entered into a drawing for a substantial price to be awarded at the end of the season.  Come to the meeting, get entered in the drawing.

Dawn Connors suggested we request donations for draw prizes from local stores.

Nona Reynolds asked if there was a way to check on whether the dogs entering the park are properly vaccinated.  The front office has information but their records are disorganized. Please encourage the users of the park to fill out the information on vaccinations when they sign up for the dog park.

We have an ant problem in the dog park.  Patti Sitzel will check with the office again, to put us on a maintenance program for the problem.

Meeting was adjourned

Kathy Sedy, Secretary


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