Notice from Laurie Riordan emailed January 16, 2014 
Regarding Recent Incident
 in Pet Park

 Pet Club Members:

     Most or all of you may be aware of a recent issue at the dog park. One of our dogs bit a Pet Club member. What has resulted is a host of falsities, and I would like to address these here.
     There was dog rumble a week and a half ago, and Ann Louise attempted to stop the melee. When she entered the fray one of the dogs bit her. She went to the clinic to have it treated. Because of that decision, animal control was called and it was then she was required to say which dog did the biting.
     Animal control went to the home and spoke with the owners. They checked rabies papers, shot records and the overall health of the dog. The dog is healthy and has no illnesses of any kind. He has a clean bill of health.
     The issue should have been put to rest. But, the rumors seem to have taken on  a life of their own. No rabies quarantine, no lawsuits, no further ramifications. The owners have taken precautions so there is zero chance of others being harmed.
     Please refrain from discussing this issue in the park. It’s  very unpleasant and causing stress for all those involved. Let it rest.
                                                                            Laurie Riordan
                                                                            Pet Club Secretary.

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