Currently, the gates are not locked and the Park is Self-Monitored  

In the absence of a formal Monitor, all Pet Park users are "Onsite Monitors". Use your common sense to determine which of the duties listed below still apply to our current situation, until such time as the Monitor's Duties are formally amended.    Thank you!

 New users shall fill out a Pet Park Use Envelope (in the mailbox at the Pet Park)  Contact Marilyn Clyne regarding the 2016-17 green ID tag (

HT Pet Exercise Area Monitor Duties

I)                  Opening up the Pet Exercise Area - Monitors are given the Lock combination.

A)    Put out forms located in blue tub, including monitor signup book & member roster. 
B)     Put out water container.  Water can be obtained from water bib located on the NW     
      corner of Ballroom building (handle to water faucet is in the box in the blue tub).
C)    Make sure all Pet Bag containers have supply of pick up bags.
D)    Walk to area to make sure it is clean from prior use.

     II)                  Monitoring Access to the Exercise Area:

                  Does pet entering Exercise Area have a (green) identifying tag authorizing entry?

A)     YES, dog does have identifying tag: access granted! 
Everyone who has been issued a tag will  be listed on the "HT Pet Owners
                         Club" computer printout ( top sheet on the clipboard) in case owner forgot tag.

                  B)      NO, dog does not have identifying tag.
                         1)  Is pet registered with HTCA with a CURRENT vaccination? Check
                              Registration" printout (last pages on clipboard) by Lot Number.
Rabies vaccination expiration date must be verified as c
urrent (tag or vet
documentation) to enter the  Exercise Area.
)   Yes.  Issue an Area access (pink) identification tag for the following cost: 
)  Pet Owners Club members:  Included in Membership fee of $10 per year  
                                        per lot. 
Pet Owners Club current paid Members appear in BLUE on the
                                        HTPOC Exercise Area printout on the clipboard. Signup sheet for new
                                        members is behind the HTPOC printout on the clipboard.
)  Non-members: if pet owner does not wish to become member, a 
 donation per pet for park maintenance is requested.
                                   3)  Give a copy of the Pet Exercise Area Hours, Rules and Regulations to the 
                                        pet  owner.
                                   4)  Enter new Exercise Area user's information on handwrtieen sheet on 
                                        clipboard, with amounts paid. Clip money behind printout sheets for 
)   No.  Help owner fill out HTCA pet registration form.  These forms 
                                    will be turned in to the Management Office on behalf of the owner. Rabies
                                    tag number and current expiration date must be provided. When form is
                                    properly completed, process the same way as "Yes".

                              c)  Guests. For dogs of Visitors of a HT Resident, fill out a Visitor Pass (forms are
                                    kept in  the Monitor's Book) which the Guest will carry as substitute for a pink
                                    tag.  Guests must have evidence of a 
current rabies  vaccination. This is    a short-term pass,
so donations are accepted, but are not necessary. 

       III)              Monitor area to see that all Pet Exercise Area rules are followed.  The rules are posted on  the fence and there are extra rules sheets in the blue tub which can be handed out. 

 IV)              Should a pet owner have any serious concerns about something happening in the Exercise Area, have the owner fill out an Incident Report  (forms in the Blue Tub) and  place  back in holder or see it is delivered to HTPOC president.

        V)              Monitor is to remind owners to pick up after their pet.  

        VI)              Be informative to all interested observers.

        VII)           Closing Pet Exercise Area at Shift End: 
                    A)    Place all area materials back in blue tub.
                    B)     Dump out water dish and place upside down by wall.
                    C)    Walk the Exercise Area to make sure it is clean.
                    D)    Pick up any "forgotten" deposits and place in the Area trash can. Replace used bag  with new bag. Dispose of  used bag at HTCA garbage dumpsters (Parks and Sons).   


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